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Posted Sat 17 Sep 16 at 19:24 PM


Two goals in three minutes punished United for a ponderous 1st half in Hertfordshire. Anthony Jeffery scored the first racing through and beating Moore. Former Arsenal, West Brom, and Crystal Palace youngster Morgan Ferrier showed strength and composure to double Boreham’s lead a few minutes later.

Player-manager Kevin Nicholson named an unchanged starting 11 and bench hinting that he as giving an opportunity to the players that failed to perform against Woking.

Ferrier and Angelo Balanta were dangerous from the start of the match. There were a few warnings before Boreham took the lead.

Brendan Moore had to be alert in the 5th minute when Ferrier tested him trying to find the far corner.

Then came three minutes of madness for United when Jeffery and Ferrier struck a goal apiece in a devastating and game deciding period of the game.

Boreham struck their first in the 9th minute when United were undone with a simple long ball forward. Boreham Wood midfielder Anthony Jeffery took advantage to beat Moore and give Boreham the lead.

United had little time to recover before conceding a second goal.

Morgan Ferrier doubled Boreham’s lead in the 12th when he showed impressive strength to burst through United’s back line to finish past Brendan Moore.

There was a glimmer of light in the 40th minute when Femi Ilesanmi was adjudged to have controlled the ball with his hand inside his own box. Nathan Blissett stepped up to take the penalty but his shot was saved by Boreham ‘keeper Grant Smith.

Instead of heading into the break with some impetus, all of the hard work would have to be done in the second half.

Unfortunately, the Gulls did little to warrant a fightback in the second half.

Player-manager Kevin Nicholson had some harsh words for his team after the final whistle.

“I’m disgusted to be honest, a little bit embarrassed” said Kevin.

“I back those boys all of the way and I’ll keep backing them because they are good people but it doesn’t matter whether you are a good person or not, when you go out there and you’re representing a football club like we’ve got, you’ve got to put yourself on the line. You’ve got to want to win, you’ve got to want to put yourself in harm’s way, whether it is to score a goal, stop a goal, you’ve got to be alive.

“It’s an honour to be a footballer; it’s a privilege to be representing Torquay United. You saw today that there was a crowd of six hundred and we had virtually half of them [246 fans]. It’s unbelievable what our supporters do, considering especially what they have gone through. And today we have let them all down to a man.

“I think the only player for me that come out with any credit whatsoever was Luke Young who kept going, kept on it, and kept doing what he can do.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the first half, after what happened on Tuesday at Woking I expected a reaction. We looked like we were five yards slower than them. One simple ball got through us four/five times. We were lucky not to be more than two down before half-time.

“Forget the penalty. Whether it was or wasn’t - Bliss missing it or not missing it, the point was we didn’t deserve that [the penalty]. We didn’t deserve to go in two one. He saved it and that’s exactly what they deserved.

“Second half I think they let us have it to be totally honest. You could argue that we played the ball on the floor and we kept it quite well but it was nothing. It wasn’t cutting them up; it wasn’t putting them under pressure. It was them seeing the game out quite happily at two nil.

“With five minutes to go I saw one or two of ours [players] virtually give up which disgust me even more and won’t be tolerated. So I’ve not said too much to them in the dressing room because we’ll be in [training] tomorrow and we’ll dissect it then.

“At this point I think a few of them have to go away and have a look and see if they really want to be successful, if they really want to be a part of getting Torquay United back where it wants to be, they’ve got to give more than that.

“They’re a good group of lads. There are no bad eggs in there. It’s a good group but sometimes maybe you can be too nice. If they don’t start really showing me the kind of aggression and will to win more than anything, then tactics, formations, home, away, none of that matters it’s just how badly do you want it. Today, if I was a neutral I would have said that the white team wanted it more than the yellow.

“I took responsibility for Woking because I think we over worked them in training; we put them through a lot to get the reaction we did against York. I thought we paid the price on Tuesday but there are no excuses for today. We have given them time to recuperate; we’ve given them plenty of time to rest.  It was a big thing made that we came [to the match] in cars; I really don’t care you can on bikes for all I care, that has nothing to do with what we did today. I was proud that they made the decision to do that, but then don’t make the decision to give yourself the best chance and then go out there and go under with such a whimper.

“It’s poor, and it’s all of us. I’m part of that, a massive part of that and so are all of the coaching staff. So are everyone involved. We all need to go away; we all need to evaluate. We’ll make the decisions as they come along.

“If I was Boreham Wood then I would think that I’ve played pretty well in the first half but the fact is that they didn’t work for their goals. They didn’t do anything special, they just kicked the ball over us and ran onto it and that is absolute under twelve, the very first thing you learn how to defend. We’ve got to be better. They didn’t do anything clever to hurt us. They stuck some reasonable quality balls over the top and we just looked shell-shocked and that is what disappointed me most.

“If a team passes it around you with great precision and finishes properly then sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say “well done” to the other team. Today and against Woking we conceded goals that were so easy and so sloppy that it’s just not acceptable.

“There is no real reason that they should’ve been like that. They had a good week’s preparation, easier than last week to make sure that they were fresh for this game.

“We’re just talking about going out there and giving everything you’ve got for your team, and it looked to me like they didn’t today.

 “We’ve got to start showing some consistency. Our supporters have been great home and away. We’ll work hard again this week. As disappointed as I am now, the game has now gone and I’ve got to learn. I haven’t been a manager a year yet and I’ve got a lot to learn, but the players have got to look at themselves and ask themselves some tough questions.

“I back them. I back their character. I know they’ll be hurting in there [the dressing room] but I’m hurting for the fans that paid good money for them to watch today, because I’d be going home very, very disappointed with what I saw.”

Kevin Nicholson Vs Boreham Wood T

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