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Posted: Sat 07 Jan 2017
Author: Ryan Darby
Image by: Pinnacle

Player-manager disappointed with application after defeat

Torquay United player-manager, Kevin Nicholson says the players beat themselves on Saturday as the Gulls fell to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Boreham Wood.

A goal from Bruno Andrade in the second half was enough to seal all three points for Luke Garrard’s men, who ended a run of six games without a win.

“Another prime example of us beating ourselves, I’ve just said it to them in there, they turned up to training on Wednesday looking like they think they’ve made it after two good performances and a good run of form.

“We are not good enough to turn up on a Saturday at 80%, we have to be at it, we’ve shown that. If we’re at it, we can beat anybody.” Nicholson explained.

“I think Boreham did a professional job on us, they sat back, they soaked up any real pressure. They defended set plays well, even though we didn’t make the runs we worked on. Our delivery wasn’t as good as it normally is. 0-0 may well have been fair but that’s what Boreham do, they’ve done it to many teams before.”

Nicholson pinpointed the build-up to the Boreham Wood goal as an example of where the team went wrong on Saturday.  

“The goal itself is a prime example of how poor it was. It may or may not have been a foul on Verma but you don’t just stop, especially when you’ve got his experience. McGinty has got to just clear the ball out of the ground, Gez has got to stand up rather than over-committing and falling over, so you’re looking at three or four mistakes in one goal for their goal. I’m very very disappointed with the application of the lads throughout the week, they owe the fans and me a hell of a lot more next week.

“Success for us is one game at a time, you know you can beat anybody. But we’ve got one or two, that have a bit of success and it goes to their heads and all of a sudden they don’t put the work in, I’m not talking about hard work in terms of running about, I’m talking about executing what we’ve talked about, coming in every day and listening.” Nicholson added.

“If I set a bad game plan up, and if I set the team out wrong and I don’t coach properly, then that’s my fault. If you do all that, and you do it right and get the balance right and the lads don’t go out and do as you’ve told them, it’s on them. They need to take some responsibility on that, there a good group of lads. I’ve said that many many times, but today was nowhere near good enough.”

With Woking visiting Plainmoor next Saturday for the re-arranged fixture, Nicholson admitted that most positions will be up for grabs. The player-manager did though, reserve praise for United’s full-backs, Lathaniel Rowe-Turner and Paul Rooney.

“The team is up in the air now in terms of which team I pick. I think both full-backs today come away with credit, I thought Rooney, who’s not a full back, really gave everything he had out there and did a real good job, on a real dangerous player, fair play to him. I thought Snoop (Rowe-Turner) has been consistently our best defender for a little while now, he gave everything he’s got, never gave up, he never let his man do a great deal of anything, so those two come away with a little bit of credit, but anybody after that, I don’t think anyone will knock on my door if I don’t play them next week.”