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Posted: Thu 09 Feb 2017
Author: Patrick Tinkler
Image by: Pinnacle

"I'm hoping to start enjoying my football once again" - Myles Anderson

We spoke to new signing Myles Anderson about his move to Plainmoor, his time abroad, and what he is looking to get out of his time with the Gulls this season.

Anderson arrives at Plainmoor after a recent spell playing in Italy, noticeably with Monza and Chievo.

What do you think you will bring to the game?

“I think I can bring some experience and leadership skills of what I have learnt in Italy in terms of defending and positioning. Hopefully I’ll bring a maturity; I’ve lived away from home for a few years now and in a different country as well. I’ll try and take on as much responsibility as I can, and give as much of a helping hand as possible.”

We’ll cover your stay abroad in more detail in the future, but what was your time in Italy like?

“It was pretty cool. It was a very different way of playing the game compared to how it is in England. I think what I’ve learnt in Italy and England makes me quite an interesting player (laughs).”

What are you aiming to get out of your move to Torquay?

“I’m trying to find my enjoyment for the game again.

“I was at Barrow and I didn’t get many opportunities because the team went on a 26 game unbeaten run. I can understand why the manager didn’t want to change the team around – that’s understandable. But that’s why I had to move on from there.

“When you are not playing, as a player you’re not really enjoying it much when you know you’re not going to be playing at the weekend. When I am training and I know I have more of a chance to play, that is important to me. It keeps you motivated. I’m hoping to start enjoying my football once again – I still haven’t met the lads! Hopefully they’ll welcome me into the group.

“I’m aiming to kick on and have a good end to the season and get as many points and clean sheets as possible. Obviously as a defender clean sheets are important to me! “