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Posted: Mon 21 Oct 2013
Author: TUFC
Mozika Playing for Bury H

Mozika Signs in a Short-Term Move

AFTER seemingly endless weeks of training and quietly restoring his fitness, French midfielder Damien Mozika has agreed a short-term deal with the Gulls.

Mozika is well known to manager Alan Knill from their time together at Bury and Scunthorpe, and it is now a case of seeing how he performs in the Yellow shirt of United.

As a club, we will obviously monitor Damien’s form and fitness before any decision is made on a longer-term contract.

‘’Damien has been here for almost two months of training and rehabilitation,’’ said Alan. ‘’He had a hamstring injury and wasn’t fit when he came here.

‘’We’ve had to monitor him and we’ve done quite a bit of stuff, so he now looks in decent shape but, as with everything, we don’t know until he actually plays.

‘’It is a short-term deal and we want to get him on the pitch, so we can see how he reacts. If that works, we’ll look to negotiate a longer deal.

‘’He hasn’t played a game as yet but he’s looking stronger every day in training. Our concern was that he won’t be match-fit but our physio has said he’s done everything right, and just needs some game-time.

‘’He now has a chance to possibly be on the bench tomorrow night at Burton and we’re all hopeful that he does well for us. When he’s fit, there is no doubt he’s a top player.’’