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Posted: Tue 30 Jul 2013
Author: TUFC
Krystian Pearce H
Image by: Pinnacle

Don’t Panic

OFFICIAL site always gets there last...I get my info from the fans’ forum or Bob in the pub....grumble, groan and moan.

Hang on a minute, briefly forgot where I was.

We can now confirm that defender Krystian Pearce has passed his medical and signed all the paperwork on a two-year deal with the Gulls.

We know this has been reported elsewhere this morning but within the club, we are reluctant to speculate on transfer dealings until everything is confirmed. Now we can climb out of this pond of self-pity, the important thing is that Krystian is fully signed up to the United cause and ready for action.

‘’It is obviously going to take a bit of time to gel with the squad but I’m hoping to do that as quickly as possible,’’ he said. ‘’Like all players, I want to get in the team and play well.

‘’It will be important for me to strike up a quick relationship with the other centre-backs here and Aaron [Downes] is probably the person I’ve spoken to more than anyone else, so I’m guessing that’s a good start.

‘’Hopefully, we can build a good partnership and do well this season. I am someone who enjoys defending and my first thought on the morning of a game is all about keeping a clean sheet.

‘’As a team, the play-offs are a realistic aim for us and if we get that far, anything can happen. I remember being the underdogs when I was at Scunthorpe but we managed to win the play-offs.’’

A graduate of the youth academy at Birmingham, Krystian spent much of his early career out on loan, most notably for a season at Scunthorpe. A very brief spell at Huddersfield preceded a permanent switch to Notts County and he dipped his feet in League 2 waters with a loan stint at Barnet last season.