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Posted: Thu 03 Jan 2013
Author: TUFC
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Link to ticketing website - Click here for access
NO more shivering in a long queue, making phone calls or trundling down to Plainmoor in your lunch hour.

The 21st Century has landed at TQ1 with a massive bang and the option to purchase your tickets online will hopefully take away all the pain of securing your place at United’s next big match.

The system enables fans to choose their seat for a match and we will then post out your tickets or they will be left at Plainmoor for collection on the day of the game.

Our long-term aim is to make every match for the season open for fans to book their tickets. At present, however, we will work on making the next two or three games available. Please note the system is not open to away supporters.

Step 1
Visit the official Torquay United website and then hover on the tickets tab to open a drop-down menu. From here, click ‘Online Tickets’ and you will be taken to a welcome page with a link to our dedicated Ticketing Website. Click on this link to start the process.

Step 2
On the welcome page you can either buy tickets to your selected match or switch to calendar view to access your game. Once you have picked the match you want to attend, the system requires you to enter the case-sensitive letters on screen as an added security measure.

Step 3
You will now be taken to a virtual seating plan of the stadium with the availability of tickets clearly marked on the right-hand side of the page. You can now choose which area of the stadium you would like to book a ticket. The Popside is a standing area, so you can just choose the number of tickets required. For the Family Stand and Bristow’s Bench, click on the required block, choose your desired seats and press ‘Buy Tickets’.

Step 4
This next stage requires you to confirm the order and this is where you can select a concessionary rate if appropriate by clicking on the ‘Discount/Adjustment’ menu and then press ‘Recalculate’. This is probably a good point to remind you to carefully read the instructions at the top of each page.

Step 5
You have now pressed ‘Confirm Order’ and first-time users will be taken a section that enables you to create an account. We know this is boring but fill out your details and take note of your username and password, as this will be all you need to enter for future use.

Step 6
The final stage is to specify whether you would like your tickets sent out in the post or left at Plainmoor for collection. Due to the costs of processing online transactions, we must add a surcharge to the cost of match-tickets, which will be £3 for postage and £2 for collection. These additional costs are per order and not per ticket.

Step 7
Job done. You have now submitted your order and the tickets are either on their way or awaiting your collection.

Step 8
The final point to make is that we must add a cut-off point for tickets sent out in the post. For a Saturday game, this will be 4pm on a Wednesday, and Tuesday night fixtures will have a cut-off at midday on the Friday before the game. Tickets ordered online after these times will need to be collected from us at Plainmoor.

If you have any problems with the online ticketing website, please give us a call on 01803 328666 option 0 and we guarantee the system will soon become familiar to users.