TUFC Youth Development Programme


2017 is a huge year for Torquay United. It marks the return of youth football to the Club and it is taking the form of a series of age ranges taking on the Junior Premier League. Torquay United Community Sports Trust and Torquay United have taken the first step in bringing back youth football back to Plainmoor.

“It is a great honour and privilege for Torquay United Football Club to introduce a youth football vision in partnership with Torquay United Community Sports Trust (TUCST). It outlines a defining moment for our football development department, and we are justifiably proud of this opportunity to produce enhanced work with a target of achieving elite level youth football.

This vision outlines a clear idea to create effective steps forward for youth football to thrive at our football club, with the aim of re-establishing a full academy structure at Torquay United. A cohesive and realistic strategy for our long-term youth football development is a key pillar in the vision of TUFC and TUCST, and more will be explained in the publication of the Club’s five-year plan. This is step one in bringing a full academy back to Torquay United Football Club”.

Clarke Osborne

Torquay United owner & chairman


TUCST manager, Craig Hutcheson and his team will be documenting the teams and their progress on their social media channelsFacebook & Twitter.



To view the programme’s vison document, click here.