Friday night saw United pull off a 1-1 draw against Premier League side Cardiff City at Plainmoor. It also saw the return of a man that has a special place in the hearts of the Yellow Army, Cardiff manager Neil Warnock.

“It was a cracking match for us,” said Warnock. “They [Torquay] were strong and organized. I thought they played well and we didn’t have enough to break them down.

“It was a good workout and really nice pitch. Everybody thinks you should win games like that – we lost 2-1 at Shrewsbury last year and everybody made all sorts of predictions!”

Warnock enjoyed a brief time as Torquay United manager as he pulled United away from relegation to the Football Conference in 1993. A 1-0 win away to Carlisle saved United’s season. Despite going to to great success in the game, it is still something he remembers fondly.

“I’ll never forget the trip to Carlisle, when we won that day. The bus and the fans – it was amazing. I still get shivers when I come past Lancaster when I was supposed to get off.  It was just great to make sure we got safe. I loved everything about it.

“I had people like Darren Moore, and [Paul] Trollope, I can see them now. I had people going through brick walls for me and they were on a hundred quid a week. I had come from the top flight to come down here – people thought I was mad!”

Warnock is still eager to help the Gulls, which manifested itself last season when talented young striker Rhys Healey joined United on loan.

“If I can help like I did last year, if I can help with anything in the next 12 months, but Gary’s got a good team. There are one or two teams spending a lot of money; I think Billericay have spent a lot of money. I think they [Torquay] will have as good a chance as any.”

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