The Club was touched recently by the actions of a young fan who wanted to show their support for Torquay United head coach, Gary Owers.

The Gaffer had tea thrown at him after our recent 0-0 away draw against Gloucester City. He has received a lot of support from the Yellow Army since the incident.

13-year-old Phoebe Hammett went to see Gary before Saturday’s 2-0 win over Hemel Hempstead to see how he was, and to let him know that he had her full support.

“I thought he was hurt from the thing that happened to him,” said Phoebe. “I saw it on the news and Facebook.”

Phoebe comes to the games with her grandad and sister, Sophie Hammett, and on Saturday, Phoebe made her way to the tunnel to try and find the Gaffer.

“This lady came up to me and asked why I was there and I just burst into tears and then she let me in. Then I said I was sorry to him.”

Phoebe is a staunch supporter of Gary and is right behind him and the team this season.

“I just want people to stop giving Gary hate because it’s not easy being a manager, and it’s not as if they can do a better job.”

The Club would like to thank Phoebe for showing the best side of the Yellow Army. She is returning on Saturday to see United take on Chippenham Town and to receive her specially printed TUFC shirt.

“I’ve only been coming for like a couple of months. I went last season for a couple of their matches and then I bought a season ticket.

The Gaffer was clearly touched my Phoebe’s actions. He was more than happy to meet up with Phoebe once again, along with TUFC striker, Ruairi Keating.

“I wanted to invite her to the Club to meet her favourite player, who is Ruairi, and to thank her personally,” said Gary.

“I’ve treated her to a new Torquay shirt. I think that’s the least I can do for someone who’s really shown she has a very, very big heart.”