United completed a second round of fitness testing on the first team today, following up on initial tests conducted in late September.

This time around players that didn’t undergo testing the first time around were able to be assessed.

“We repeated the sprinting tests and the agility and endurance tests today,” said Torquay United Head of Medical, Gareth Law.

“Once we look through the results we can see whether the plyometric training, and the speed and agility work we have been doing has improved the players. The endurance testing will also be assessed.

“The players that didn’t do the first round of testing are being given a guide as to where their results are slotting into the group. We have a group average laid out, and then the players coming in can see how fit they need to be, and whether they need extra work on top of what the other lads are doing.

“By looking at the sprint results it looks like everyone has improved, so that’s a good sign.”

United have a fairly clear injury list at the moment. Jon-Paul Pittman (quad strain) and Rhys Murphy (ankle sprain) missed thursday’s round of testing, but all being well they will complete it next week, as well as return to full training.