The new website launched at the beginning of August and we’re after your feedback on what you think is good, and what you think we can do better.

We hope you think that the new website offers a lot more than the old one. The homepage carries a lot more relevant information than before, and content from the Club is presented a lot clearer. We hope you are also enjoying the larger photos we are including, and the extra player information.

In the near future we will be adding a lot more content from our Junior Premier League teams. Their photo day is coming soon, so expect to learn a lot more about our young footballers. Torquay United Ladies now have their own dedicated news section

The initial issue where text was obscured and difficult to read subsided over the first month after launch. We have had one email from a fan within the last week saying that this was still an issue. This issue was as a result of Google not pushing through initial changes to the website fast enough. It can be remedied by clearing your internet browser cache. This can be different dependent on which browser you are using.

If you have some feedback to offer then please email