Update | Click here to access match commentary of our match against Chelmsford City.


THE Yellow Army may have heard recently that Radio Devon will not be broadcasting commentary for the majority of our 2018/19 season, but Torquay United have come up with a solution to provide our fans with the best possible coverage of our matches.

The Club will be providing match commentary for our home games this season, and we will endeavour to do our best to provide the same away from home.

For all home commentary this season, there will be a small charge of £1 per game or you can pay £20 to cover the whole season. A payment link will be set up on a new dedicated commentary section on our website. Fans will then have to setup an account This will be added to the website soon.

The reason for this small charge is to cover the significant cost of acquiring the equipment required to broadcast live commentary. We see this as an exciting opportunity to continue providing the Yellow Army with the coverage they deserve on a club with our history and magnificent fanbase.

The challenge to provide commentary for home games is very different to away games, where we will be relying on an internet dongle, or, if reliable, our opponents Wifi.

We are currently contacting each away club to see what preparations we can put in place to give us the best chance of providing a stable audio stream. We hope our away commentary to progress without a hitch, but more than likely that there may be times when it drops temporarily, or perhaps completely. During these times we ask for your patience while we do all we can to restore the line. We also ask for the Yellow Army’s patience while we build up the new service.

We have put together a commentary team that have years of experience in the field and we hope you enjoy what we have lined up for this season.