Manager Gary Johnson hinted at transfer activity to bring in new faces after watching his side go 2-0 up only to draw 2-2 at home to Billericay Town at the final whistle.

Goals from Jean-Yves Koue Niate and Saikou Janneh were cancelled out by a double from Adam Cunnington in a match that United looked set to take all three points from.

United were great in the first half but allowed the game to get away from them in the second.

“We was as bad in the second half as we were good in the first half, unfortunately,” said Johnson. “We’re learning at this level players are very inconsistent.

“I thought the first half was good quality, lots of good play. The second half, once it doesn’t quite go in your favour we’ve got some shrinking violets, I’m afraid. They want to win, but they lose their quality, that’s what happened in the second half.

“Credit to Billericay, they’ve done it to a couple of teams where they’ve been 2-0 done and they throw people forward. They’ve got that little bit of quality that gets them a game back every now and then. I’ve just said in there [the dressing room] I’m just really disappointed that they didn’t keep the quality going in the second half. I don’t think we strung two passes together.

“The one thing we made sure when we left the dressing room – play in their half, get on the ball and don’t give it away – all that sort of stuff. All of a sudden, we looked like Billy Smart’s Circus back there.”

Johnson looks set to bring new players in to his squad after today’s result.

“I know what we need, I know what we’ve got to go and get. I’m going to do all I can to make up that seven points now, when we might only have needed to make up four points.

“We’ve got to do a lot of soul searching. My brother is out scouting every day. We’re trying to get in a group of players that we can trust not to play just one half, to play two halves. Some of these will prove themselves in time, and some of them won’t. We’ve got to doing which is moving out the ones you feel are not going to take you to the next level and moving in people that you think can. It’s not as easy as that, out and in. We’ve got a nice bunch of lads but sometimes they’re the boy next door – we’re not clinical enough. We should have gone 3-0 up when they went up the other end and scored.”