UNITED manager Gary Owers was full of praise for his players after the goalless draw at Gloucester City but still seeks that extra bit of quality in the final third to turn possession into goals.

It has been a tough Bank Holiday weekend after this draw and the defeat to Hampton & Richmond on Saturday, but some of the actions at the end from a very small minority of ‘fans’ was extremely disappointing, and the club will be investigating what has happened today.

“We dominated the game, dominated possession but couldn’t find that one bit quality to win the game,” said Gary.

“That’s it in a nutshell and not a lot more I can say about the game, but something that’s got to be solved very quickly.

“I believe we’ve got the players here to do it for us and they’re working very hard. Hopefully, they can find their scoring boots very quickly. The obvious answer is to find someone with a proven record but that does cost money.

“I’ve made enquiries and there is a deadline for league clubs, so players that don’t go out from league players become available at our level.

“There are no complaints from me [to the players], they tried their best. We didn’t lack any commitment or effort, just came up a little bit of short in that bit of quality but they know that. We’ve had a bad weekend but we’ll keep fighting. It’s early days and the tide has to turn quickly.

“Whatever the circumstances, [the scenes at the end] has no place in football. I’m proud of my career and proud to be manager here. I’ll be 50 in a couple of weeks and you don’t expect to walk off football pitches with red hot cups of tea thrown in your face.”