Ruairi Keating – Sponsored by Mel Hayman (Home)

Ruairi Keating – Sponsored by Lindsey Hartrey (Away)

Sam Chaney – Sponsored by Thea Bristow Home & Away

Damon Lathorpe – Sponsored by Harry & Jill Kerswell (Home)

Gary Owers – Sponsored by James Forrest & Harry Lovering Home & Away

Kenny Griffiths – Sponsored by
Home & Away

Gilbert – Sponsored by Carli Cartell Home & Away

Sean McGinty – Sponsored by Josh Phillips Home

Sean McGinty – Available for Away Sponsorship

Luke Young – Sponsored by
Home & Away

Jake Gosling – Sponsored by Kingswear Village Stores Home & Away

Aaron Barnes – Sponsored by Ron & Carole Peterson Home & Away

Jon-Paul Pittman -Sponsored by S Runham (Home)

Jon-Paul Pittman -Sponsored by Ellie Grace (Away)

Josh Gowling – Sponsored by The Jones Family (Home)

Josh Gowling – Sponsored by Andy Crook (Away)

Ryan Higgins – Sponsored by Joseph Pope (Home)

Ryan Higgins – Sponsored by Cary Arms (Away)

Liam Davis – Sponsored by Laura, Sue & Laurie (Home)

Liam Davis – Sponsored by Paul Lloyd
& Debbie Tranter

Vincent Dorel – Sponsored by Sam Jones Home & Away

Brett Williams – Sponsored by Elize Fowler (Home)

Brett Williams – Sponsored by Devon County Sports (Away)

Yan Klukowski – Sponsored by Tony & Inga Allen Home & Away

Conrad Balatoni – Home & Away Sponsorship Available

G Law – Home & Away Sponsorship Available

Jamie Reid – Sponsored by Roger Lester from Sonning Common (Home & Away)

Russell Cleave – Home & Away Sponsorship Available

Martin Kulh – Home & Away Sponsorship Available

Ryan Clarke – Sponsored by Jacob Jack (Away)

Reece Mitchell – Sponsored by Ian Preston (Home)

Tommy O’Sullivan – Home & Away Sponsorship Available


Michee Efete – Sponsored by David Lee from Hong Kong (Away)

Reece Mitchell – Sponsored by Merv & Val Balson (Away)

George Dowling – The Wood Family (Home)

There are some players and staff that haven’t been sponsored. SPONSORSHIP AVAILABLE | Contact commercial manager Sharon Cox or call 07949 005832